March 21 2021 Recap

Legislative Updates


From Representatives Tony Albright, Erik Mortensen, and State Senators Rich Draheim and Eric Pratt. 

Rich Draheim, Representing Senate District 20

In regard to S.F. 4, a bill that would reestablish a balance of governing power between the legislative branch and the executive branch during any future state of emergency.

“As we hit the year mark of the pandemic in Minnesota, the situation is much different than when Governor Walz first implemented his emergency powers last year. At this point, Minnesota is well beyond the ‘emergency’ portion of the outbreak. Still, Governor Walz refuses to give up his powers and work with the legislature in good faith. These powers were never intended to give one person the rule of the land. Minnesotans expect us to work together, not just to beat the virus but to get our state back on track. This legislation ensures that everyone comes back to the table.”


Erik Pratt, Representing Senate District 55

This week, Senator Pratt presented a riveting argument before the Senate Chamber regarding S.F. 4


Senator Pratt and the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus have been working hard to end Governor Walz’s emergency powers, voting on 8 separate occasions to rescind the governor’s executive authority

From Senator Pratt’s press release: “Our government works best when the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch come together to solve issues, and we haven’t been able to do that for a year. We are equal partners in governing, and we should operate as such.”


Erik Mortensen, Representing House District 55A

Rescinding Governor Walz’s emergency powers through H.F. 2204, Unilateral Emergency Powers Repeal Act

From Representative Mortensen’s Facebook Page: Yesterday I introduced the “Unilateral Emergency Powers Repeal Act” (HF2204). This is the ONLY legislation that ensures we NEVER AGAIN have another governor behaving as a dictator. If I’m not your legislator, please ask your representative to co-sponsor this nonpartisan legislation. Do NOT let your legislator fool you or distract you with any fake “fix the emergency powers” bills. #NeverAgain

Here is the link to the bill.


House Democrats have been stalling on key legislation for Minnesotans.

Representative Mortensen denounced the ineffective tactics DFL politicians have been employing this session on his Facebook page this week, stating “House Democrats are holding a myriad of tax cuts hostage, including my bill that prevents income taxes from being required on forgiven PPP loans. Today it was made clear that House Democrats will be throwing these tax cut measures into MASSIVE omnibus bills containing BILLIONS in TAX INCREASES. There are urgent and non-partisan bills that we should be passing out of the house that help MN businesses and taxpayers but the DFL controlled house will not permit these bills to advance. Instead, they’re seeking to politicize the issue so they can spike a political football sometime in the future.”


Tony Albright, Representing House District 55B

This week, Representative Albright spoke in support of a bill that was passed out of the Senate Chamber with a bipartisan vote. This legislation would exempt forgiven PPP loans from Minnesota taxes. Unfortunately, Democrats in the House voted against this bill and economic relief for small businesses.

Listen to Tony’s comments here:

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