2023 SCGOP Convention

The 2023 SCGOP Convention fee is $20. However, the fee is waived if you donate $50 that you can get back in the form of a Political Contribution Refund (PCR). This is a program that the State of Minnesota (read the program by CLICKING HERE) that allows people to donate up to $50/person to a political party unit, like the Scott County GOP, fill out the form (HERE) and get the $50 sent back to you. It's said it can take up to 6 weeks to get the $50 refund but many people have experiences of receiving the $50 refund in as little as 10 days.


***NOTE: You will also need a signed PCR receipt in order to obtain your refund. We will be handing these out at the convention and follow up with those people that we miss at the convention.*** 

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