2018 Mid-Term Candidates

Minnesota Governor Race

Jeff Johnson & Donna Bergstrom

Website: http://www.johnsonforgovernor.org

United States Senate Candidates

Karin Housley

Website: http://www.housleyforsenate.com


Jim Newberger

Website: http://www.jimforussenate.com

United States Congressional District 2 Candidate

Jason Lewis

Website: http://jasonformn.com

Minnesota House Candidates

Bob Vogel - 20A

Website: https://www.bobjvogel.com/


Erik Mortensen - 55A

Website: http://mortforhouse.com


Tony Albright - 55B

Website: http://www.electalbright.com

Minnesota Attorney General

Doug Wardlow

Website: http://www.dougwardlowag.com

Minnesota Secretary of State

John Howe

Website: http://www.soshowe.com

Minnesota State Auditor

Pam Myhra

Website: http://www.pamforauditor.com



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