Bob Vogel Earns Republican Endorsement In MN House District 20A

GOP Delegates from Minnesota Legislative District 20A endorse GOP candidate Bob Vogel to replace outgoing Minnesota State Rep, Kelby Woodard, on the November 04, 2014 ballot. 

Bob Vogel    As a long-time small business owner, banker, and former Scott County Commissioner, Vogel has extensive experience in both business and local government.  Vogel looks forward to extending his public service committment to state governement and representing MN House District 20A!  Learn more about Bob at  .  Bob also welcomes your comments at his cell:  (952) 240-2343.


MN House District 55A Looks to Bob Loonan for Leadership

Shakopee businessman and former school board member, Bob Loonan, understands what it takes to reduce spending, balance a budget and create more jobs.

    Bob Loonan congratulates Bruce Mackenthun on a hard fought race and thanks him for running a positive campaign focused on the issues important to Shakopee and Minnesota. Three over-arching issues have the greatest impact on our community and are the focus of Bob's campaign:  Transportation, Education, Taxes.

To learn more about Bob, his family, his campaign and to find ways to support the HD55A campaign, please visit this link:


Re-Elect Tony Albright to Represent House District 55B on Nov. 4

Tony Albirght's Family

Tony is running for Minnesota House District 55B because he believes in:

  • Sensible government - donʼt spend what we donʼt have, make regulations fair and predictable
  • Responsive government - listen to YOU, bring YOUR voice to the capitol and be a champion on your behalf
  • Limited government - get government out of the way so our communities can flourish, our businesses can create job opportunities and YOU can keep more of what you earn
  • Learn more about Tony's work for the District:


Newman Aims to Change the Atmosphere and Approach of the State Attorney General's Office This November

    The last time Minnesota sent a republican to the Attorney General's office was in 1966.  Fran Tarkenton was still the Vikings' quarterback!  Since then, the office has become beholden to the DFL rather than to the laws and citizens of this great state.  Scott Newman, a two-term senator and attorney from Hutchinson, plans to restore the credibility of the office of attorney general by fulfilling the constitutional mandates irrespective of whether the legal issue is politically divisive.  Newman graduated from the William Mitchell College of Law. He is a former Hennepin County deputy sheriff, public defender and administrative law judge and served one term in the state House.

Lean more about Scott Newman:

State Auditor Election:  What this important office does for Minnesota

    While candidate for State Auditor, Randy Gilbert, has spent his entire adult life as an auditor, the Democrat alternatives in the upcoming November election have backgrounds not the least bit related to auditing.

Current State Auditor Rebecca Otto graduated with a biology degree before becoming a teacher.  While these professions are valuable, this candidate does not have the professional auditing experience necessary to be a successful watchdog of Minnesota families' hard earned tax dollars.  The State Auditor oversees how $20 billion in taxpayer funds are spent at all levels of state and local government.

Learn more:  Visit for more information about Randy and to connect with his campaign.


MN Secretary of State Election


    At the State Convention in May, Republicans endorsed Dan Severson for the office of Secretary of State. Dan brings ideas that will create a pro-business climate while protecting the voting rights of all Minnesotans. To learn more about your candidate for Secretary of State follow Dan on Twitter, Facebook, and visit his website at!

After graduating from St. Cloud State University Dan received a commision in the U.S. Navy, actively serving for 22 years. Dan's leadership continued when he ran for the Minnesota State House in 2003, defeating a Democrat incumbent.

Since serving his community in the legislature, Dan has spent his time working as a Co-Founder of Minority Liberty Alliance (MLA). MLA focuses on outreach to minority communities with the goal to empower people through discussions of individual liberty, free market ideas and educational choice. Dan's hard work with MLA demonstrates how his conservative views make positive changes for Minnesota communities.

While Secretary of State, Dan promises to:

  • Create a pro-business environment by expediting the process for registering a business
  • Protect the voting rights of all Minnesotans


Minnesota needs new Gubernatorial Leadership,and Jeff Johnson is that Leader

                  Jeff Johnson Governor Race 2014 

Under Mark Dayton Minnesota has lost at least one Fortune 500 company per year, as well as countless other companies.

Jeff understands that Minnesotans need common sense, effective government and will beat Mark Dayton in November. That is why he was endorsed by the Republican Party of Minnesota.  READ MORE:

Jeff Johnson, in an August KSTP-TV interview, discusses several issues including education stating, "A real focus I have is on the achievement gap...We've thrown money at the problem but we don't change anything."   Watch Full Story Here!


U.S. Senate Needs Hard-Working Leadership from Minnesota's Mike McFadden

Mike McFadden

Current statistics show America is experiencing the slowest post-recession recovery in US history as the result of failed policy. We need leaders who are focused on growing the economy, not growing the federal government. We have to do better, and it starts with better leadership in Washington.  Mike McFadden is Minnesota's answer at the U.S. Senate level to grow this country and offer responsible government solutions.

"The crises we face don’t stop simply because Washington is on vacation, which is why I have called on the president, the Senate and the House to return to Washington immediately to do the jobs they were elected to do."

Meet Mike McFadden:

Mike McFadden Delivers National Weekly Republican Address.  View Here:


Minnesotans Deserve Answers From Al Franken On Ebola

 Posted:  October 21, 2014

Minnesotans Deserve Answers From Al Franken On Ebola



In September, Al Franken skipped out of a critical hearing on the outbreak of Ebola only 13 minutes into the testimony. While Minnesotans are worried about Ebola Al Franken is ditching hearings on this critical issue.

Now Franken won't support a travel ban on individuals traveling from Ebola infected countries. Al Franken continues to lead from behind and is just another rubber stamp for President Obama.

Minnesota needs a Senator who is willing to do what needs to be done to protect Minnesotans from this dangerous disease. U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden has laid out a comprehensive plan to stop the virus which includes the restriction of travel and the appointment of a White House Cabinet member to focus on the issue, not a top Democrat political operative. Mike is demanding real solutions, not better spin to protect Democrats in midterm elections.

Put a STOP to Sen. Franken’s failed leadership and vote for Mike McFadden and the rest of Team GOP who make the right decisions to ensure the safety of all Minnesotans.






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