MNsure was Aware People Placed on Medicaid Didn't Qualify 

By: Jay Kolls     Updated: 09/26/2014
Internal emails obtained by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS show MNsure and other state officials were aware people who made too much money were placed on Medicaid, which is for low-income people.  SEE VIDEO: 

Baby Finally Covered After Family Waited On MNsure For Months

August 21, 2014  (WCCO)

"A Twin Cities family says their newborn has been without health insurance for months due to MNsure delays. The Emmerichs tried for more than four months to get coverage for their baby boy." Some 3,700 people are waiting on changes to their insurance to be processed by government-run healthcare.  Watch Full Story Here!

MNsure defects were no surprise

Article by: JEFFREY MEITRODT , Star Tribune April 7, 2014

Project leaders chose to launch Minnesota's health insurance website knowing it was plagued by bugs. Managers and auditors said for months that the project was falling woefully behind and that critical system tests came too late or had to be curtailed.

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Published on April 2, 2014

MN sure: More Problems Uncovered

Published on March 20, 2014

With the IRS penalty deadline looming, KSTP reports on new problems with the MNsure website that could leave some Minnesotans unable to purchase health insurance.  Our Scott County State Representative, Tony Albright, comments in this news report.

See the video:


ObamaCare Hurts Minnesotans

Franken's Political Career Tied to Unpopular Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. - "Al Franken is one of ObamaCare's biggest proponents, but the unpopular law is already hurting the middle class and increasing health care costs in Minnesota," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "The result of Al Franken's relentless support of ObamaCare is that  dysfunctional Washington now stands between doctors and patients, which raises costs and lowers the quality of care."

The disastrous ObamaCare launch has caused many to question whether Administration officials should be fired and the unpopular law be delayed. Meanwhile, Al Franken refuses to acknowledge that ObamaCare is causing health care costs to rise, that many people are not able to keep the plans and doctors that they are comfortable with, and that workers are seeing their hours cut and suffering the consequences.

The flawed website can't be differentiated from the product. As the glitches and broken promises continue to come online, Franken will try to distance himself from ObamaCare. The truth is, however, that ObamaCare is Franken's legacy and the problems run far deeper than the need for an IT specialist. If simply signing up for the program causes this kind of problem, imagine what a disaster trying to see a doctor will be for Minnesotans.

Make no mistake; it is the personal impact that ObamaCare will have on women, seniors, and families that is the real trainwreck for Democratic candidates who have tied themselves to the unpopular law.

In Minnesota:

  • Health care costs for individual market plans will increase 19%.
  • Seniors will see Medicare cuts to doctors and hospitals totaling more than $9,000 per Minnesota enrollee.
  • Minnesota  could have to increase Medicaid spending $423 million – $179 per household.
  • A 27 year old will see their premiums increase by 15% and a 50 year old by more than 22% according to the Heritage Foundation.


MNsure logo

     Taxpayer dollars:  This failed MNSure agency, created by Minnesota Democrats, is what taxpayers get after spending more than $150 million dollars.  In addition, the MNSure Board of Directors voted to charge the maximum tax on health insurance allowed by law the 2014 Premium Tax. Revenue from this tax will be held in a special account to be used by MNSure to cover operation costs, with few limitations, in later years. As a result, Minnesotans who enroll in the individual market through MNSure will see their policies taxed at a rate of 1.5 percent.  What’s worse, according to CBS-Minnesota, as many as 1 in 20 Minnesotans (280,000) will be forced to give up policies they like, with doctors of their choosing, for policies that will be more expensive and involve services they do not want.

And now you can add Security Fraud:  More than 2,000 Minnesotans are victims of a personal information security breach due to a failure in the MNSure system via an unsecured Excel spreadsheet containing names, social security numbers, and other personal data.  Talk about scary!  Republican state senators Sean Nienow and Michelle Benson are leading the charge to ensure your data is safe and to protect the privacy of all Minnesotans.



Scott County’s Voice in St. Paul….Tony Albright, State Representative

The news about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be difficult to sift through. Not a day goes by without news of problems at our state-based Obamacare exchange or the federal health hub, Minnesota taxpayers are financing our newest Minnesota agency to enforce the ACA, MNSure, at a cost of at least $160 million. The program has zero completed enrollees so far (11.04.13) and most who have signed up are government assistance applicants, not private market health plan customers. While the exchange has been open since October 1 for uninsured Minnesotans to apply for health coverage, we know MNSure has not completed the necessary steps to finish enrollment for those seeking coverage.

The bottom line is unfortunate: the new health law will hurt many and help few. Nationally, it's estimated about 15 million people will lose their current health plans, which could rise to as high as 93 million once the employer mandate kicks in (according to Forbes). Others will pay much more to cover their families than they currently pay. Some employers will have no choice but to stop covering employees or choose lesser plans with high deductibles. In Scott County, many families will have to choose between new expensive plans and other costs, like groceries or the heating bill.

Some background on your Scott County Representative, Tony Albright (R-Prior Lake):  Tony was elected in 2012 and is currently serving in his first term in the Minnesota House of Representatives.  Albright is a husband, father of three, business owner and an involved community member in Scott County.

Tony is an AIFA-accredited Fiduciary Analyst and a member of the Prior Lake and Jordan Chambers of Commerce.  Tony serves on the following important committees:

  • Capital Investment Committee
  • Health and Human Services Reform Committee
  • Jobs and Economic Development Committee
  • Rules Committee

Thanks for all your work for Scott County, Tony!


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